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HERMANN-Spielwaren GmbH 

Teddy-Manufaktur with a long tradition
HERMANN Spielwaren, also often referred to by experts only HERMANN-Coburg, is one of the oldest still existing teddy bear companies in the world. No serious teddy-technical book is not in the details the teddy bears in Coburg. Teddy bears from earlier decades manufacturing are rare today and coveted collectibles (Teddybären ab 1904 von Christel und Rolf Pistorius, ISBN 978-3-874463-464-3). The tradition goes back to 1913 when Hermann Max, along with his brothers Arthur and Adelheit, made the first bear..

high scilled employee
We stand by our staff. Many are 10, 15 or even 30 years in the company and have been specially trained by us to manufacture the HERMANN Coburg Teddy Bears. In addition to our "Trainée on the job", each of our employees has a vocational qualification in at least one, for the manufacture of teddy bears, relevant area.

valuable materials
HERMANN-Coburg Teddy Bears are valuable. They are made with lots of love. The same applies to the choice of materials. Depending on the design idea mainly mohair or alpaca, in the highest quality classes, is used

„Made in Germany“
We guarantee GENUINE MADE IN GERMANY. All bears are manufactured in Coburg Cortendorf. In the "Week of Open House" always on Ascension, you have the opportunity to convince yourself by visiting the manufacturing and personally talk to the people who make the teddy bears for you. This allows us to monitor each production step directly affect and so provide the superior quality.

Award winning Design
The Design of the HERMANN-Coburg Teddybears are outstanding. The page with the Design Awards show the main Awards Winning Bears

consulting by phone or email
We are always very happy to advise and help you find the best for you teddy bear. Therefore, we very glad to help you personally. Be it by phone (09561 8590-0), email or during your visit with us in Coburg Cortendorf. In addition, you can also find us on many teddy bears fairs, such as Teddybär Total in Münster, Teddybär Welt in Wiesbaden or the Euro Teddy in Essen

fast delivery
Unless otherwise specified, each item in the amount indicated in Coburg Cortendorf is physically in stock. A shipment can therefore immediately, at the latest, following the order date, place business day. Please note that "payment in advance" of the receipt of payment necessary to wait for the payment. We would also be deliver to you at a certain date, for example if you want to surprise someone.

select a special delivery address
We also provide a delivery address specified by you desire. - We think of it! - If the bear is supposed to be a gift (please tell), we do not put the bill at the delivery, but send it as a separate letter with this post - without charge - to the invoice address.

many payment options
You have the choice: PayPal, credit card or prepayment. Select the type of payment is convenient for you personally.

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Meet us

27. - 28. April 2024  


Der internationale Teddy-Treff
Messe- und Congress Centrum
Halle Münsterland
Albersloher Weg 32
48155 Münster
in der Zeit vom
6. - 12. Mai 2024

Woche der offenen Tür und
33. Internationales Puppen Festival

direkt bei HERMANN in Coburg-Cortendorf
Im Grund 9-11
96450 Coburg