Yes-No Bär "My little sweet heart" 30 cm

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Manufacturer: HERMANN-Spielwaren GmbH
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Yes-No Bär "My little sweet heart" by Hermann-Coburg
YES No Mechanismus auf YOU-TUBE ansehen.


  • Name: Yes-No Bär "My little sweet heart"

    Made in Germany

    Kleinst-Limitierung von 3 Stück

    außergewöhnliche Besonderheit:
    mit einer eingebauten exklusiven Yes-No Mechanik aus dem HERMANN-Archiv. Diese Yes-No Mechanik wurde in den frühen 1950er Jahren von Max Hermann exklusiv entwickelt und wird durch ein kompliziertes Einbauverfahren in den Kopf und Körper des Bären eingebaut.

    Durch Bewegung des kleinen Schwänzchens am Rücken - rauf und runter - nickt der Kopf zum "Yes" - durch Bewegung des kleinen Schwänzchens nach rechts und links bewegt sich der Kopf zum "No".

    Modell: 5-fach gegliedert mit drehbaren Armen, Beinen und Kopf, mit HERMANN-Halsmarke, HERMANN-Einnähetikett, HERMANN-Anhängeplombe und Echtheitszertifikat

    Modellart: der Bär mit eingesetzter Schnauze - ein zeitloser Klassiker

    Nummerierung: jeder Bär ist einzeln nummeriert mit einem echt vergoldeten Metallplättchen, eingenietet auf der rechten Fußsohle des Bären, auf dem die individuelle Limitierungsnummer des Bären eingraviert ist.

    Stickerei: die rechte Fußsohle des Bären ist bestickt mit dem Namen des Bären "My little sweet heart Yes-No"

    Größe: 30 cm = 12 inches

    Fell: hochwertiger eierschalfarbener Biber-Webplüsch

    Schnauze: kurzfloriger eierschalfarbener Mohair

    Sohlen+ Pfoten: rotes Lederimitat

    Füllung: handgestopft mit Holzwolle

    Stimme: mit einer Quietsch-Stimme

    Augen: braune Sicherheitsaugen

    Nase: handgestickt

    Schmuck: mit einer dekorativen roten Halskrause die mit einem Band aus Herzen umrandet ist


  • size: 30 cm / 13 inch
  • Edition: 3
Made in Germany - Hergestellt in Deutschland
Made in Germany


Teddy Bears stuffed with excelsior - a true treasure

Teddy Bears stuffed with excelsior belong to the rarity treasure of the Teddy Bear world and are only rarely offered on the collector's market today. What used to be the daily work of the Teddy Bear makers in former times, has become a valuable and rare treasure today. Worldwide there are only a handful of experts who are still familiar with the traditonal art of excelsior stuffing. Years of training, muscle strength and an artistic sense for styling are necessary to carry out this very time-consuming work. Only very old and long-standing manufactures have still the knowledge today, how Teddy Bears can be stuffed with excelsior according to old example, so that nowadays excelsior stuffed Teddy Bears are hardly to find.

For more than 100 years, we have cultivated the tradition of stuffing our Teddy Bears with excelsior and we have preserved for us this knowledge untill today. This gives our Teddy Bears their exceptional value and makes them to uncomparable and unique creatures with value-preserving character.



The Classic HERMANN Bear with inserted snout
Design Explanation

The "Bear with inserted snout" is a type of model developed by Max Hermann in the 1920s. For this model, the snout consists of a shorter-pile plush than the bear itself. It is cut separately and sewn onto the bear's head part. With this model variant, Max Hermann's Teddy Bears became known and famous. Like hardly any other bear design, the "Bear with the inserted snout" is linked to the name HERMANN and has written history. Still today this design is the preferred Teddy Bear model in our company.







About the manufacturer HERMANN-Spielwaren, Coburg / Germany

HERMANN-Spielwaren, now located in Coburg-Cortendorf / Germany, is one of the oldest still existing Teddybear companies worldwide. Founded 1920 in Neufang near Sonneberg / Thuringia the history goes back to the year 1913, when Max Hermann manufactrued his first Teddybear together with his brother Arthur and his sister Adelheid.

The company is famous for there extraordinary designs, there craftmanship, there exclusive small editions and that each bear, made in Coburg / Germany is a own personality. Each bear is made by highskilled longtime employees, many of them work over 10 years for HERMANN-Spielwaren.

Each wellknown teddybear book features the designs and also the Teddybear magacines are in close contact the the company for new styles. Des Chef-Designer is Ulla Hermann, granddaughter of the founder. Her Teddybears won famous Awards, like the TOBY Industry’s and Public’s Choice Award, the Golden Teddy Award or the TED worldwide Award.


Valuable collector’s item. This product is not a toy in the sence of the toy guideline (2009/48/EC Attachment I, 2 c + d). This product is intended only for adult collectors with an age of 14 years and over.
Yes-No Bär My little sweet heart 30 cm
Yes-No Bär My little sweet heart 30 cm
Yes-No Bär My little sweet heart 30 cm

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