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The HERMANN Coburg History

The old Max Hermann Teddy Bears – the today’s HERMANNCoburg Bears – belong to those Teddy Bears, with which Thousands of little boys and girls have grown up. Today HERMANNCoburg is one of the oldest, still existing Teddy Bear factories of the world.

24. Oktober 1913


In Neufang, a small mountain village in Thuringia, close to Sonneberg at that time Toy Capital of the world Arthur, Adelheid and Max Hermann start under the name of their father, Johann Hermann – “Johann Hermann Spielwarenfabrik, Spezialität Bessere Genre TeddyBären” – the production of their

first HERMANN Teddy Bear



After World War I, and the death of Johann Hermann in 1919, the brothers and sisters separate and Max Hermann found in Neufang, in the birth house of the first Hermann Teddy Bears, his own little Teddy Bear company. Shortly after, he moves his company to Sonneberg, where he develops his company into a wellknown brand name. His Teddy Bears are shipped all over the world.



In order to mark and identify his Teddy Bears Max Hermann develops the famous logo


“The Green Triangle”
the ”The Bear with the Running Dog”

From that day forward all Max Hermann Teddy Bearsare identified with this logo.



After World War II, Germany is separated into East and West. The state of Thuringia with its city of Sonneberg becomes a part of East Germany.



Max Hermann leaves with his family from the hometown of his Teddy Bears and from East to West to the nearby city of Coburg in Bavaria. Here he rebuilds, together with his son, RolfGerhard, his plush animal factory and continues the tradition of his HERMANN Teddy Bears. On September 23 rd , 1955 Max Hermann died. He never has seen again his hometown.



Olympische Spiele 1972 in München. Das Maskottchen, der Olympia Waldi, kommt von HERMANN aus Coburg. Zur Fußballweltmeisterschaft 1974 folgten dann die berühmten Maskottchen Tip und Tap



Micky und Co. ziehen in Cortendorf ein.

Von 1975 bis 1986 fertigte das Unternehmen, als Walt Disney Lizenznehmer, praktisch alle wichtigen Figuren aus den Disney Universum für die deutschsprachigen Länder. Hierzu gesellten sich weitere Comic Figuren, wie Pink Panther, Pumuckl oder die Schlümpfe.


1979 - 1982

Paddington Baer made in Coburg

In the years 1979 to 1982 HERMANN Coburg made the Paddington bear as a license product.

This exclusive license (= exclusive distribution) extended to the German-speaking countries (D / AT / CH) in all sizes of plush and fabric.



German Unity. 40 years after the iron curtain separation, the HERMANN Teddy Bears are able to visit again the place of their genesis – “A Teddy Bear Comes Home”.



LIVE Excelsior Stuffing at the Toy Fair in Nuremberg

In 1992 we set up a small show workshop at the toy fair at our exhibitionstand in Nuremberg, where we showed live the stuffing of teddy bears withexcelsior.

We amazed customers and competitors alike. This was a sensation and manyspecialist dealers and TV stations asked us to demonstrate the excelsiorstuffing live on in theirs shop or on TV.

The first personality bears are introduced by HERMANN. These first modelsfrom 1992 (Adam Riese and Columbus) were still made of woven plush and werenot structured. The success of these figures encouraged the company to continueon this new path of design. In 1993 Prince Albert of Coburg and King LudwigII of Bavaria followed



Since 1993, all HERMANNCoburg Teddy Bears are marked with a special “ neck mark” , which is sealed tight on the bear’s neck. In this way, HERMANN Bears are easily identified. Important characteristic of the “neck mark” is the “ Triangle shape” with the imprint of “ the Bear with the Running Dog” . These features have been used since the beginning of the 1930’s. This “neck mark” guarantees the identification of Teddy Bears manufactured by HERMANNCoburg for today and the future.Rolf-G. Hermann died on June 19th , 1995. He left behind a flourishing company for both his children Ulla and Martin.



Der Bär wird durchsichtig.
Eine bisher nicht wiederholte Design-Idee stellt das Unternehmen 1994 auf der Messe in Nürnberg vor. Statt eines Plüschfells wird eine durchsichtige Kunststoff-Folie verwendet, die den Blick aus das Innere des holzwollgestopften Bären ermöglicht.



Der Kunstseidenplüsch wird neu entdeckt.
Aus alten Beständen von Kunstseidenplüschen der 1950er Jahre, fertigt das HERMANN die Kirmesbären. Ein Modell aus braun gespitztem Kunstseidenplüsch wurde auf der Spielwarenmesse für DM 1500,- versteigert.



On August 1 st , 1996, HERMANN Coburg is online with its own home page. With a website containing more than 200 pages and 400 pictures, all HERMANN Coburg Teddy Bear collectors from around the world can obtain at the web address www.hermann.de


valuable information from the HERMANNCoburg company.



Projekt Millenium
Zur Jahrtausendwende stellt Hermann einen Millenium-Bären mit Zeitkapsel vor. Der fest im Bären verbaute Zylinder aus Metall, konnte auch individuell befüllt werden.



Kardinal Ratzinger wird Papst Benedit XVI
Der Papst-Teddybär aus Cortendorf wurde nur 3 Tage nach der Wahl des neuen Papstes der Presse vorgestellt. Die Süddeutsche Zeitung schrieb 6. Mai 2005 „Es ist ein Bär, wie ihn die Welt noch nicht gesehen hat.“



Am 1. Oktober geht der HERMANN Eshop Teddy-Fabrik online. Teddybären-Sammler aus über 30 Ländern nutzen diese moderne Einkaufsmöglichkeit und wählen aus der aktuellen limitierten Kollektion, Unikaten und Einzelstücke, sowie Zubehör für Teddybären aus. Ein umfangreicher Bastel-Bereich mit Stoffen, Plüschen, Augen und Füllmaterialen runden das Online-Sortiment ab.


Climate Protection Bär


HERMANN Spielwaren emphasizes the need for climate protection and shows with the climate protection bear and a long list of simple measures how everyone can contribute personally.

On November 26, 2007, Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel presents the bear. On November 11, 2007, Federal Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel received this bear, along with a request to attach great importance to climate protection.



Der Buch Meilensteine erscheint

Meilensteine - Die alten Max Hermann Sonneberg und HERMANN Coburg Teddybären, aus einer 88 Jahre alten Firmengeschichte

Teddy bear friends now have access to HERMANN Coburg archive data for the first time, which was previously only accessible to a few.
The authors let the documents, catalogs, teddy bears and stuffed animal models speak for themselves and refrain from extravagant, lengthy texts. The result is a picture book about teddy bears and more that will fascinate experts, dedicated teddy bear collectors and interested amateurs alike. Accompany the authors on a voyage of discovery in 88 years of moving history and experience them through original documents and authentic first-hand information, from the people who have experienced and helped shape the history of the company in large parts. The book is also a treasure trove for journalists, authors and museums for further research.
ISBN 978-3-940900-61-6




65 years exhibitor at the Toy Fair in Nuremberg


At the Toy Fair in Nuremberg in 2015, the exhibition management, represented by the CEO Ernst Kick (left), honored the company for its 65th participation. HERMANN-Spielwaren GmbH (until 1978 HERMANN & Co KG) was one of the longest exhibiting companies in 2015. The picture of the booth dates back to the year 2006.


1920 - 2020


It was 100 years ago when the first independently made teddy bears were under the Christmas tree and made children's eyes shine in times of inflation.


We are proud to be able to celebrate our 100th anniversary in 2020




Today, in Coburg, the old Max Hermann Teddy Bears are produced in the third generation under the management of the founder’s grandchildren, Dr. Ursula and Martin Hermann. The collection contains more than 400 different teddy bears – all made in Germany and most in limited editions. Several have won internationally recognized awards. Replicas of old Max Hermann Teddy Bears, which are produced in the time honored tradition, belong to the HERMANN Coburg collection along with Teddy Bears from the new generation. Through the experience, knowledge and talent of craftsmen and women from the toy region of Coburg Neustadt Sonneberg, the tradition of quality made Teddy Bears will be preserved in the house of HERMANNCoburg today and for all times.

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