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About us ...

HERMANN-Spielwaren, who runs the (FABRIK means factory), is one of the oldest still existing Teddy Bear Companies worldwide. Founded by Max Hermann in the year 1920 in Neufang near Sonneberg, is the company now located in Coburg / Germany. All Teddy Bears are manufactured in this factory in Coburg under the daily control of Dr. Ursula and Martin Hermann, grandchildren of the founder.

The company won famous and recognized awards, like the TOBY, Golden Teddy Award or the TED worldwide Award.

High skilled professionals, each trained for many years, manufacture the Teddy Bears. The Teddy Bear Designs are outstanding. All materials used are high quality, like mohair or alpaca from Germany. Many of the bears are stuffed with excelsior in the traditional old style, a very rare craftmanship. Many of them have a traditional growler-voice in their body, some a musical movement.

The Teddybears from HERMANN-Coburg are featured in many Teddy Bear books and Teddy Bear Magazine worldwide.

Ulla (Dr. Ursula) Hermann, is responsible for the complete design of all Teddy Bears. Many of her design won famous Awards, like the TOBY Award and Golden Teddy Award. Many Bears and the Company History as well were published in wellknown Teddy Bear books, like the “The Teddy Bear Encyclopedia” by Pauline Cockrill and were pictures in Teddy Bear Magazine on the Cover, like “Teddy Bear and Friends”, “Teddy Bear Review”, “Bär Report” and “Teddybär und sein Freunde”. Many additional stories were published about the company and the Teddy Bears.

Ulla and Martin Hermann have also published Teddy Bear Books, like book “Milestones” or the “Collectors Guide”, which are also available in English. 

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Superschöne Bären mit liebevollen Details, sowohl bei der Kleidung, Accesoires und Wahl des Felles.
Ausgezeichnete handwerkliche Ausführung der Näherinnen, Stopfern und Nasenstickerinnen. Vielen Dank dafür!


Author: Hella N.

Review date 19.12.2017


Supertoller Bär
Lieferung superschnell
Immer wieder gerne


Author: Inge L.

Review date 17.12.2017


wunderschöner Bär mit einem traumhaften Kleid
tolle Qualität


Author: carmen B.

Review date 15.12.2017


Alles war wie immer perfekt. Das Sonne, Mond und Sterne Bärchen mit dem wunderschönen zarten Nacht-blauen Biber-Plüsch ist ein ganz tolles Schmusebärchen mit herrlichem Pfotendesign und Sonne/Mond/Sterne Schal. Ein Riesenlob an das gesamte Hermann-Team.


Author: Irmi H.

Review date 09.12.2017


No comment available


Author: Peter T.

Review date 29.11.2017


freundlicher und schneller Service, auch bei Sonderwünschen. Ware sowieso top.


Author: Ulrike B.

Review date 23.10.2017


Heute ist \\\"Johanna\\\" bei mir angekommen- sie ist ja was ganz Besonderes!
Einen passenden Ehrenplatz hat sie auch schon bekommen.
Ganz toll die Rolle mit Erklärungen zu ihrer Kleidung, die sie mitgebracht hat...
Fazit: ein weiteres Schmuckstück in underem Haus.


Author: Sabine S.

Review date 10.10.2017


Der Versand ging super schnell. Ich liebe diesen Schweizergarde Teddy. Er ist der Hammer.


Author: Ursula S.

Review date 14.09.2017


the teddies are getting here faster and faster. i just
ordered the patches bear and now must get to
browsing the christmas bears. the 2 best things in
life are martin and his bears. they are both wonderful.
shipping is the best! carole c.


Author: carole c.

Review date 16.08.2017


martin is wonderful. all the teddies at once. the dream of
my life now would be to visit the teddy bear factory and
a big hug to martin. now i can browse the christmas bears
and ornaments. carole c.


Author: carole c.

Review date 05.08.2017

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